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Main Objectives

Our ObjectivesThe main objectives of the Central Provincial Ministry of Road Development, Transport, Power & Energy and Housing & Construction are

  • Development of the provincial road network as modern day requirement
  • Timely maintain of the developed road network
  • Development of other roads which are mostly used for their requirements and inclusion them into the provincial road network
  • Preparation of the set of policies for operation of a qualitative road network
  • Fulfill of electricity requirement of those without electricity facilities
  • Implementation of power & energy programmes in efficient management of the same with a view to lessen poverty among the rural masses
  • Development  of concept among the people on strategies for power conservation
  • Preservation of rights of house owners and those living in rent out house with in the legal framework
  • Implementation of assisted housing and infrastructure
  • Establishment of efficient, safe and comfortable transport service in the Central Province

Road Development

Central Province Road Development The construction, rehabilitation & maintenance of roads, bridges and culverts of the Central Province, Sri Lanka

Power and Energy

alternative power and energy Supplying alternative power and energy to the rural public who are unable to obtain electricity from National grid

Housing Development

housing_construction services The Ministry grants material and financial aids to the low income families of central province to construct permanent houses

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